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The MWCC represents more than 10,000 working men and women throughout Illinois and the midwest region. Widely recognized for their skill and expertise, MWCC members are defined by their exceptional work, and by their remarkable commitment to community. 


Building the Future of Construction

Our membership is powered by union enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a seasoned powerhouse or a scrappy startup, the MWCC is here to help you grow your business, and build a foundation of excellence and success.  

Member Benefits

Businesses who join the MWCC enjoy the support of a spirited and engaged professional network. Collaborative and passionate, our community works collectively to share knowledge, solve problems, and spark opportunity.

Member Benefits

Grow Your Business

 Build relationships with other contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers to expand your network and help your business grow.

More Power, Together

 Negotiating contracts as a group gives us more leverage to fight for what is important to our members. MWCC’s membership in MARBA provides our group with greater strength in negotiating our larger contracts. 

Grow Your Talent

 Take advantage of our educational programs to grow your skills, and your field and office employees’ skills. 


The MWCC makes sure your voice gets heard. As a recognized labor leader, we work with public bodies to ensure the interests of the wall and ceiling community receive proper attention.

From the Ground Up

Our Resources

We help skilled workforces find the information they need to perform efficiently. Our resource hub lets you explore labor contracts and find listings for construction organizations. 

Our Events

Expand your network at an MWCC function. Our events plug you into a wonderful professional community, and can help you discover business prospects and new collaborators.

Switching Roofs

Join Our Community

Help the MWCC strengthen the wall and ceiling industry. Be part of a unified workforce, and play a part in the future of construction. 

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