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Meet the Team

Under Construction
Image by Elena Rouame
Construction Workers

Driven & Determined

The MWCC couldn’t help you build your business without a great team ourselves. That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to work with talented individuals at every level of our organization.


Our dedicated team possesses a nuanced understanding of the construction industry, and offers a wide breadth of experience across the professional spectrum. From our executive leadership to our advisory boards, we’re committed to exceeding our members’ expectations, and to creating a safer, stronger wall and ceiling community.

Our  Leadership

Board Officers

Nora Degnan
Mike Pilolla
Steve Brill
Eric Jens


Executive Director
Andrea Harney
MWCC Labor Committees

MARBA Carpenters Craft Committee

Painters / Tapers Committee

Plasterers / Bricklayers Committee

Mike Wilkin, Chair
Scott Smentek
Steve Brill

MARBA Laborers Craft Committee

Mike Wilkin, Chair
MWCC Internal Committees

Education Committee

Membership Committee

Eric Jens, Chair
Scott Smentek

Golf and Turkey Night Committee

Finance Committee

MWCC Trustees

Cement Masons & Plasterers Annuity

Bricklayers Trustee

Chicago Drywall Finishers JATC

Steve Brill

Members & Community

The MWCC is made up of one of the finest union labor forces in the midwest. Innovative and bold, our members work to create a safe, welcoming, and forward-thinking construction industry.

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